15 Brilliant Bathroom Smell Hacks

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If you are looking for hacks and ideas to make your bathroom smell amazing then here are 15 brilliant bathroom smell hacks.

Interestingly, some of the highly-sort bathroom smell hacks are things that you can do from your house. Most of these hacks such as the use of poo pourri scents, bathroom air fresheners, and of course proper ventilation are things you can do. With these snippets, you are now ready to discover practical hacks for making a bathroom smell good.

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 15 Amazing Bathroom Smell Hacks 

You don’t have to use all the 15+ practical ways on this list when you want to make your bathroom smell nice. However, if you can, you may want to employ multiple ways on how to make bathroom smell good after pooping. Let’s start to examine the list …

1. Ventilation

Needless to emphasize that encouraging proper ventilation is one of the main ways of ensuring your hacks for making a bathroom smell goodbathroom smells fresh. When a room is properly ventilated, the fresh air from outside pushes the old odor away, leaving the room smelling nice.

Remember that we are not interested in removing the natural smell that might be present in an enclosed building or place. All you want to remove is whatever foreign smell might have accumulated in the bathroom from pooping, showering, or the smell that emanates from the use of toilet papers and towels.

As a number one rule, encourage proper bathroom ventilation.

2. Fragrance at The Window

The second bathroom smell hack is to ensure your bathroom window has some nice scent. The only way you can do this is by spraying the window with a little fragrance. If you do this, you will get incredible results because as fresh air from the window (as illustrated above), enters the room, the air pushes the fragrance into the room.

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Spray your window pane, glass or even sill with a liberal amount of essential oils for this method to work.

3. Freshen Up The Air With Fabulosohow to make bathroom smell good after pooping

Fabuloso is one of the modern methods of eliminating bathroom odor. For this method to be effective, you need to pour a certain amount of fabuloso into the drain of your sink as well as into the toilet tank.

The aim is to ensure the water in your toilet’s system is scented whether it is intended to clean the bathroom or to drive the poo away.

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4. Use Scented Trash Bags

Another ingenious way to ensure your bathroom smells fresh is by using scented trash bags.

Trash bags come in a variety scents like lavender and vanilla.

So, whether there is trash in the bathroom or not, with scented trash bags, you can stay in the bathroom longer than you expected.

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5. Pine-Sol in Toilet Brush Containerbathroom smell hacks

Toilet brush and the brush container are the usual suspects when it comes to eliciting bad smell to the bathroom. Putting a little amount of Pine-sol into the brush container will not only sanitize the container and the brush but also help in eliminating bad odor from the bathroom.

If you belong to the type that think Pine-Sol is more of a sanitizer, which indeed is the truth, than a fragrance, why not try to include a fragrance of your choice? Adding a fragrance doubles up the effect.

6. Add an Odor Absorber

Depending on the size of your bathroom, put a small or big vase in your bathroom. The vase should have either vinegar or baking soda.

You can incorporate the vinegar and baking soda with some essential oils. This way, you are able to create an amazing aroma in your bathroom.

If you decide to add essential oils to the mixture of vinegar and baking soda, be sure to learn how to do so. Besides, you need to know that putting the right amount of essential oils in the mixture will give you best results.

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7. Clean Out The Trashamazing bathroom smell hacks

This is perhaps one of the fundamentals of maintaining a cleaning and a fresh bathroom. If there is trash in the room, you need to ensure that the buckets or any other bags for that matter are emptied on a regular basis.

Buckets and bags filled with trash are a nuisance to in the bathroom. If trash overstays in the bucket, it is likely to attract insects and it would be difficult to get rid of the bacteria that might invade due to overstayed trash.

Besides, overstayed trash is a major source of bad odor in the bathroom. Emptying and cleaning trash buckets is not only important but the answer to how to get rid of bathroom odor naturally.

8. Camphor Ball

You will put a few camphor balls into your bathroom’s trash can. The method is very effective but at the same time requires great care. You need to ensure you do not inhale the balls’ fumes because the product has higher levels of carcinogens.

The good thing about Camphor balls is that they are very effective in eliminating bad odor as well as prevent insects and bacteria from hiding in the corners of your bathroom.

  • PS. When handling Camphor balls, you must put on a dust mask. You also need to ensure no pet inhales or plays with the balls.

9. Make Use Of Fabric Softener Or Detergentsbathroom smell hacks

A little amount of fabric softer poured into the toilet tank will do your bathroom more good than harm.  Adding a fabric softener to the sink water system helps you achieve a fresh smell at the time you want to flush the toilet.

Do not think that because the water will be drained into the toilet, you will lose your softener. Far from that!. The little water that remains in the toilet after flushing off the urine or the poo will remain until you decide to use the toilet. This water will continue to provide your bathroom with the freshness you are craving for.

10. Pour Fabric Softener Down The Sink Drain

Another way of having a sweet-smelling bathroom is by pouring your preferred fabric softener into the sink drain. You will leave the softener in the sink drain for some time until it oozes into the other parts of the bathroom.

The P-shaped part of the sink drain is particularly helpful in ensuring the bathroom smells sweet. Traditionally, the P-shaped part traps water inside the sink drain. Nonetheless, the softener will settle at this part, releasing the scent gradually and for a long time to the other parts of the bathroom.

11. Baking Soda On Bathroom Rugs

Even if you employ a million hacks for making a bathroom smell good, if your bathroom is filled with dirty rugs, you will achieve little if any results. As you know, the rugs are damp most of the time and in some cases wet, something that leads to funky odors.

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how to keep windowless bathroom fresh

Pouring a little baking soda on the rugs helps you buy time to wash and dry them. For this method to work, you need to spread a liberal amount of baking soda on the wet or damp rugs. Allow the rugs to absorb the baking soda for a few minutes before you shake the rugs to remove the baking soda. By allowing the baking soda to sit in the rugs for some time, you are allowing the substance to absorb the bad odor from the rugs.

  • Although it is a good way of expelling bad odors from the bathroom, using baking soda on rugs is not a substitute to cleaning the rugs.

12. Burn Some Incense Sticks

Burning incense sticks is not new especially among the people of the East. The tradition that started from the east has slowly gained entry in other parts of the world with modern western families embracing it.

Burning incense sticks does not only create a conducive environment in the bathroom but also kills microbes that are responsible for contaminating the air thus the bad odor.

The only challenge many people experience with burning of incense sticks is that they tend to go off fast thus you need several sticks in a day to maintain a fresh odor in the bathroom.

13. Light Up Some Rolled Tissue

Lighting up some rolled tissues will produce the same results as number 12 above. Besides, you need to be cautious when burning things in the bathroom because a burning incense stick or rolled tissue, if it goes astray might light up rugs, and or any other clothes in the bathroom. You don’t want to imagine what will happen if the fire escalates.

Away from bad incidents, burning rolled tissues will leave the bathroom with scented smoke in the air for some time.

  • The trick is you need to know how to roll the tissue. In addition, you should place the rolled tissue on a flat plate or container to collect the ash.

14. Burn a Scented Candlehow to freshen bathroom smell

Like burning incense, placing a burning scented candle at a strategic point inside your bathroom will definitely usher in a sweet aroma. This method is pretty obvious because many people know how to light candles, something that is done during birthday celebrations and wedding anniversaries.

Again, you must ensure there are no other materials in the bathroom that may catch the fire.

15. Purex Crystals

Purex crystals are by far one of the best bathroom smell hacks I have seen. In addition, this method lasts longer and requires no much knowledge to use it. You only need to pour a reasonable amount of Purex crystals into a sizeable container, place it somewhere in your bathroom and wait for the results. Your bathroom will continue to smell nice for several days.

 Final Thoughts

What have you learnt so far? Well, you don’t have to scare your visitors with bathroom odor. With these 15 practical bathroom smell hacks, you have no reason to continue allowing that bad odor from the bathroom trouble your family and friends. Besides, now that you have a variety of hacks to choose from, it is up to you to settle on a method that is inexpensive, easy to apply, and that will give you the best results in eliminating bad smell from the bathroom.

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