Bissell CrossWave vs. SpinWave: Comparison

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We all want to live in spaces where the floors are sparkling until it is time for the actual clean up. While some may find vacuuming floors therapeutic, most of us will agree that it is not your everyday cup of tea. Luckily, there are quality-vacuum cleaners, which go a long way in ensuring we maintain clean spaces.Bissell CrossWave vs. SpinWave

The downside of the availability of numerous vacuums in the market is that one may get confused about the best cleaner to satisfy their needs. One of the most important things you should understand in your vacuuming assistant purchase journey is that you can never go wrong with Bissell products. Two vacuums are particularly interesting and among the best; the Bissell CrossWave and Bissell SpinWave.


How then do you decide on the best cleaner? Well, read on to get a comprehensive comparison of the Bissell CrossWave vs Bissell SpinWave to get a clear idea of the best product for your needs.

What’s the difference between Bissell CrossWave and SpinWave?

The Key Differences

My favorite comparison element when looking for quality vacuums involves their weight. The preference is always vacuum cleaners that are lightweight as they put less pressure on the back and joints while cleaning. It is also easier to clean different house parts, including surfaces under tables and sofas, without worrying about a heavy vacuum cleaner.

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1. Weight

The Bissell SpinWave is relatively light as it weighs only 7.5 pounds, while the Bissell CrossWave weighs 11.5 pounds. Both are easy to move, but for those who prefer the lightest cleaner, the Bissell SpinWave could be their choice. I, however, do not recommend basing your decision on this one comparison point as there are different others below that will ensure you make the right decision.

2. Versatility

Versatility is a significant point of comparison for the Bissell CrossWave vs Bissell SpinWave. There are some cases where we want resourceful equipment and can work in a variety of settings. In other cases, the spaces demand that we get a cleaner that suits a specific purpose. Whichever your need, you can rest assured that the Bissell CrossWave vs the Bissell SpinWave comparison will give you the best answer. The Bissell CrossWave can vacuum and mop hard floors and area rugs, while the Bissell Spinwave is just a mop that you can use on hard floors. The SpinWave has a dual rotor system that shifts objects, which are not adequately secured, making it quite difficult to clean any movable objects. This makes the CrossWave the more versatile option.

3. Cord

There is nothing as frustrating as running out of the cord length to clean the house. It causes one to keep on yanking the cord, leading to further problems and repair expenses in the future. It may also cause the cleaner to significantly increase the cleaning time due to the constant changes in the power source. No one wants additional problems, including repair expenses or longer cleaning times due to the interruptions emanating from shorter cords. Both the Bissell CrossWave and the Bissell SpinWave have cords. However, the CrossWave is slightly longer as it is 25 feet long, while the SpinWave has its cord at 22 feet. Hence, ensure that you consider the size of the spaces you will be cleaning to determine which cord length would be most appropriate between the two Bissell products.

4. Power

The amount of power that the vacuum cleaner use should also be a point of comparison before making the purchase decision. We all want that equipment that will save on power costs while ensuring that we can appropriately fulfil the cleaning needs. A vacuum that is corded and electric has a continuous power supply. Thus, it can guarantee the completion of cleaning with limited interruptions.

A battery-powered vacuum would be portable but have no guarantee for no interruptions to recharge during cleaning. Bissell CrossWave is corded electric cleaner allowing for a continuous supply of power. However, it uses more power even with its long cord as it has a rating of 4.4amps. The Bissell SpinWave runs through a Lithium-ion battery.


The use of a battery is advantageous in that it is portable-you do not need to keep on moving to a place where there is a power source as you clean—charging this cleaner once allows it to run for approximately 120-130 minutes. This is quite a long time, and you will probably be done with your cleaning by the time the battery runs out. However, assess appropriately the cleaning space and the time it takes to complete cleaning before deciding to adopt the Bissell SpinWave as your quality-cleaning assistant. It has a rating of 0.9amps, which makes it use less power than the Bissell CrossWave despite the diversity in the power source.

4. Functionality

Are you looking for a vacuum that will vacuum and mop the floor or one that only mops the floor? Well, answering this question might determine which of the Bissell vacuum you will purchase. The Bissell CrossWave offers the vacuuming and washing functions jointly. It comprises a rotating brush roll that facilitates dirt gathering, a mop and a water extraction feature. After the dirt collection, the equipment applies the cleaner to wash the surface, ensuring no debris is left. The Bissell SpinWave, on the other hand, only performs the mopping function. It comprises a water tank that holds the cleaning solution and two counter spinning mop heads facilitating floor scrubbing.

5. Price

Finally, your budget dictates the cleaner that you decide to acquire. The Bissell CrossWave is more expensive than the Bissell SpinWave. The price difference comes with functionalities since the CrossWave has two functions while the SpinWave performs a singular function.


The battle between the Bissell CrossWave vs. the Bissell SpinWave is now on because they are the best in the market. There may have been many concerns before this article, but now that all is clear as day, what is left is getting onto that site and ordering the best Bissell cleaner according to your needs. It would help if you remembered to analyze your spaces to understand better the needs so that you can select the cleaner best for you in terms of performance, price and features.

Happy buying!

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