The Best Way to Clean a Flat Top Grill

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If you’ve had the pleasure of using a flat top grill, then you know how devastating the aftermath can be. The grease and food stains that build up require intense scrubbing. The corners are even harder to maneuver.

So how do you ensure you maintain the right hygienic standards? It’s easy; all you need are the proper cleaning flat top grill tricks. The methods highlighted here are some of the best you’ll find on how to clean a flat top grill after use.

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill

So if you’re looking for a simple homemade solution or quality products that you can use to scrape off the dirt, you’ll find everything there is to know on how to clean a flat grill here.

However, question is;

How do you clean a Flat Grill without Chemicals?

After an afternoon of barbeque grilling with your family or friends, it’s normal you’re tired and want to get done with the cleaning process. In that sense, you should go for a closer to home approach.

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Here are some suggestions you can consider trying.

How to clean a flat Top Grill After Use

Here are some suggestions you can consider trying.

1. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and dirt remover. It has cleaning properties that make it safe and effective. It is also one of the best ways of cleaning a rusty flat top grill.

How to clean a flat top grill with vinegar:

  • Heat the grill surface to about 150 degrees then let it cool off.
  • Pour half a bottle of vinegar on the top surface.
  • Spread the solution evenly across the surface.
  • Take a dry material (cotton) and rub the surface in swirling motion.
  • Use a scraper to remove the dirt and empty it.
  • Rinse off with a dry towel.

2. Try Water and Steam

Are you stuck on how to clean a flat top grill without chemicals? Well, here’s your answer.

  • Heat the grill to about 190 degrees.
  • Use a grill brush to scrape off the drip.
  • Sprinkle water on the top surface and spread it using the brush.
  • You’ll notice the steam makes the residue soft.
  • Drain the waste and add more water.
  • Repeat the process two to three times for a better result.

3. Use Lemon juice and water

If you can’t access any raw vinegar, then a mixture of lemon juice with water will do just fine. Ideally, the process is the same although here you’ll

  • Heat the grill and allow it to cool.grill brush
  • Add ¼ of the lemon juice and fill it up with water.
  • Pour the mixture on the flat top.
  • Allow a few minutes for the residue to soften up.
  • Scrub off the waste using a grill brush.
  • Make sure you hit the corners (it’s where the residue tends to build up)
  • Drain the mixture and add some more lemon water mixture.
  • Repeat the process a few times before you rinse off the surface.

4. Use Soda Water

The fizzing effect of soda is useful for removing grease and stains on any surface. So if you’re looking for ideas on how to clean a grill top, then try using soda. For the best result here’s what you should do;

  • While the grill is hot pour soda or seltzer water on the top and spread it evenly.
  • Give some time for the carbonation (fizzing effect) to dissolve and loosen the debris.
  • Scrub the surface with a pumice stone or a scraper to remove the food particles and grease.
  • Empty the contents into a trough and dispose of them.
  • Repeat the process until the surface is squeaky clean.

5. Use some Beer

Although it is one of the infamous ways of cleaning a flat top grill, using alcohol is equally effective. Remember, alcohol kills bacteria and is hard on grease. So;

  • Warm up the grill.
  • Pour half a bottle of beer on the flat top surface.
  • Let it work the residue until it’s softer.
  • Use a wire brush or newspaper to scrub off the stain.
  • Drain the material, and you have a sparkling surface.
  • Note that, using beer is recommended for surfaces with mild grease.

6. Use liquid Soap

Another conventional way of how to clean a flat grill is using soap and water.

  • Pour some soap on the top surface of the grill.
  • Leave it for a few minutes and allow the debris to soften.
  • Use a sponge to scrub the surface (make sure you clean the top and bottom surfaces)
  • Drain the mixture and rinse off with clean water and a dry towel
  • For a better result, repeat the process three times.

7. How to Clean a Flat Top Grill with a Grill Brick

If you’ve tried almost every method above and you still can’t get rid of some stubborn stains. Then you should try using a grill brick. Cleaning a flat top grill with a grill brick removes even the smallest particles.

how to clean a flat top grill with a grill brick

It’s one of the best ways to get rid of food debris and grease, but there’s some work to be done. But first, you’ll need

Once everything check out;

Step 1: Heat the flat top surface.

Step 2: Add a cup of olive oil while the surface is still hot.

Step 3: Use a grill brick to scrub the surface in a circular motion.

Step 5: Drain off the olive oil into the grease trough.

Step 6: Add one cup of soda water to the top surface and allow it to soften the debris (make sure the surface is still hot while doing it)

Step 7: Scrub the surface using the grill brick in swirl-circular motion.

Step 8: Pour the solution into the grease trough and get rid of it.

Step 9: Add lemon juice or vinegar to the surface and scrub with the grill brick.

Step 10: Make sure you hit every corner in a concentric circular motion.

Step 11: Drain the mixture and rub the surface with a clean rug until it looks polished.

To wrap it up

Always remember to clean the drip tray and other vital areas; that way, you’ll have less greasy parts of your grill. It will also help do away with any bacteria that hide in the corners.

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Also, if you usually use your flat top grill, you should always make sure you clean it up after. It’ll work better the next time you want to use it and will serve you for a more extended period.

how to clean flat top grill easily

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