How to Clean a Pizza Stone

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Using a pizza stone may feel a bit awkward, but this traditional cooking method hasn’t faded from the face of the earth just yet, and for a food reason. Sure, it’s not a good conductor of heat like glass and metal bakeware. But what makes it extremely valuable is that it’s unlikely to burn your food, giving you crispy and chewy pizzas.How to Clean a Pizza Stone

Like metal and glass bakeware, pizza stones do get dirty and messy, which means they require special care just like every other cookware in your kitchen. So how do you clean your pizza stone without spending too much time on the task? Should be using soap or just plain water? Can you put it in dishwasher? Or what about soaking it overnight in a sink of hot, soapy water?

This short guide shows you how to clean your pizza stone the right way.

Let’s get started.

How to Clean a Pizza Stone

Let’s start with the obvious:

A pizza stone isn’t as strong as a metal or a glass bakeware. Because it’s fragile, it can crack fast if handled carelessly. That means you have to be very careful about how you clean it.

So what’s the right way to do this? I’ll show you how in a few. But before we get to it, I’d like you to understand that it’s necessary to clean a pizza stone, because the dark spots and stains left on it after cooking pizza aren’t harmful to your health.

However, if you have a large chunk of food remains left on the stone after serving the pizza, it would make a lot of sense to clean it right way.

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Here’s how to do that:

  • The heat tapered in the stone can burn your fingers if you take it from the oven straight away. So you should allow your pizza stone some, like about 60 minutes or so, to cool to room temperature then remove it from the oven.
  • Wet the surface with very little amount of hot or warm water to soften the chunks of food left after serving your pizza.Cleaning a pizza stone
  • Take a blunt object, like a piece of plastic spatula, stone brush, scoring pads, or a toothbrush, and use it to scrape the large chunks of leftover food. You shouldn’t use a sharp knife because sharp objects aren’t gentle on the pizza stone. You can even use stick provided it’s thin enough to slide under the chunk of food stuck on the stone.
  • Pick a clean kitchen towel, damp it in clean water, and then use it to wipe the small chunk of leftovers away.
  • Let the stone dry before you place it back in the oven, and make sure you store it at room temperature oven before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I use soap on a pizza stone?

No, you can’t and you shouldn’t. Because the stone is porous, the soap will absorb in its, build up into moisture, which in turn can cause the stone to crack. So avoid soap completely.

Can a pizza stone get in the dishwasher?

By now, you already know that a pizza stone is a very fragile bakeware because it’s extremely porous. Water, and cleaning detergent like soap, can soak up in it and cause it to crack. As such, the best way to clean the stone is by hand. Specifically, a little wipe with the damp towel should be enough to clean it.

Can I put a cold stone straight in a hot oven?

Often, the golden rule is to keep water as far away from your pizza stone as possible. However, this is not often possible all the time, particularly when you have large chunks of food to remove. That’s why we recommend using a damp piece of cloth instead.How to wash a pizza stone

The problem is, even this leaves moisture on the stone. You need to give the stone some time to dry before you can put it back in the oven. Don’t just dab its surface and then put it back in a hot oven right away. It will crack and possibly break into pieces.

What can I do to keep my stone pizza safe during and after cleaning?

The best way to keep the stones safe during cleaning is to use water as the only cleaning agent. You should not use soap, oils, or chemical detergents. As an example, we’ve used cooking oil to clean the stone and that was the biggest mistake we made. The surface got too wet and the pizza we made thereafter simply didn’t cook right as we’d anticipated. Of course, we didn’t throw the stone away.  We simply let it dry completely and we’ve never used oil on it again.

The best way to keep your pizza stone safe after cleaning is to let it dry first before putting it  back in the oven. Also, always make sure it always stays in the oven at the right temperature. These steps are a no brainer, so they should be easy to follow.

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How can I keep pizza from sticking on the stone?

There are at least three things you can do to make sure pizza never sticks on the stone again. You should:

  • Always keep the stone clean. Because dusting the stone is an activity that takes less than 5 minutes of your time, you should clean it as often as possible. We recommend cleaning it after every use.
  • Dust your dough thoroughly before placing it on the stone. The dusting flour will create a barrier between the wet dough and the stone, thus making sure your pizza doesn’t stick on the surface.
  • Never forget to preheat the stone at the right temperature before you start baking. It helps a lot to check the temperature range recommended for your recipe before baking.

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That’s all there is to cleaning a pizza stone the right way. And now that you know how to do this, it should be easy to clean this bakeware the next time chunks of food stick on the surface.

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