How To Clean An Area Rug On Hardwood Floor

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Which is the best approach when cleaning an Area Rug on Hardwood Floor? This article will answer just that. In addition, I will share with you some of the proven ways on how to clean a large area rug using extremely few materials. How to Clean an Area Rug on a Hardwood Floor

First, it is good to understand that area rugs are important in a home whether you live in your own house or in a rented condo or apartment.  Area rugs play an important role especially when used in high-traffic areas of your home, they reduce the wear and tear of your stylish floors.

Homes with pets must also invest in a few area rugs.

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Before we look at how to clean an area rugs on hardwood floors or any other floor for that matter, here are quick benefits you will get when you invest in area rugs:

They add a touch of decoration – yes, you cannot compare the beauty and elegancy of a house filled with well-chosen area rugs with a furnished house without any area rug.

Area rugs are good in defining spaces – for your information, many homeowners use area rugs to define what fits where within the house. Without a doubt, a house without area rugs, it’ll be hard to know what should be where. That is to say, area rugs suggest or even dictate what should be where.

They add the needed warmth – can you imagine stepping on a bare floor during winter? I tell you, the experience is not welcoming. Resting your feet on a thick area rug at a time during the cold season helps your feet feel warmer.

After looking at some of the benefits an area rug provides, it is time to delve into something different.

How To Clean An Area Rug On Hardwood Floor

As you know, whether the area rugs are made of natural grass, synthetic fibers or wool, they will be dirty in the end and without proper cleaning, your rugs for hardwood floors will soon lose their value. For that reason, it is important we spend some time to talk about how to clean an area rug on hardwood floor.

You may ask, how often do I need to clean my area rugs? Well, cleaning area rugs on hardwood floors does not have a limit. Even so, you cannot clean your area rugs daily for they may not dry.

However, it is advisable to vacuum area rugs for wood floors weekly. If you vacuum your area rugs on a weekly basis, you will be able to remove the dust, stones, and any other bacteria that might have got its way into your area rugs.

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A clean area rug is as good as clean beddings. You are not scared of coughs, chills, and sneezes that are a norm in area rugs and beddings infested with dust.

Material and Tools For Cleaning Area Rugs

Like any other task, area rug cleaning requires proper planning, which starts with the assembling of the materials and tools that will help you to clean area rug spots on wood floors.



How To Clean An Area Rug On Hardwood Floor

Now that you have your materials and tools ready for the job, you might ask, where do I start? The best way to clean area rugs on hardwood floors starts right now.

1. Vacuum out the dust

The first step towards achieving a clean area rug on a hardwood floor is to ensure there is no dust on the area rug. You will know this by vacuuming  both sides off any dust that might be infested in the area rug.

You can also shake the area rug thoroughly until you are sure no dust remains. It is advisable to remove the rug’s protective pad from underneath if you intend to do thorough vacuuming.

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2. Spot clean stains

Spot out all stains whether big or small. You can do this by placing the plastic tablecloth just below the affected area then clean the dirt out. The aim of placing the plastic floor under the area of concern is to protect the wooden floor from unnecessary moisture.

If the spot is stubborn, try dipping a piece of cloth into soapy water and scrub the area thoroughly. For more stubborn stains, you have the option of warming the water and adding the bleach (oxygen-based and apply the solution to the spotted area. Leave the part to absorb the solution for some 2 hours before you resume your cleaning.

If you want your rug to dry faster, place the cleaned carpet on an elevated position with the part that touched water facing the sun.

3. Use a carpet steamer

If it has been long since you cleaned your area rug or it is soiled with dirt, use a home steamer to wipe out all the dirt. If you don’t have a carpet steamer, you can borrow one from a cleaning agent.

When using a carpet steamer for area rug cleaning, ensure you follow the directions stipulated by the manufacturer.

4. Remove any smell from area rugs

Baking soda is the best for eliminating odor from an area rug. By now, you have removed dust and cleaned off stubborn stains from the rug but what about the smell? Bad odor is likely to remain for a long time if you don’t take the right action.

To remove smell from area rugs for wood floors, spray the entire area rug with baking soda. If by any chance the rug’s fibers are deeply entrenched, use another tool –the sponge mop to help you insert the baking soda into the area rug.

To ensure the baking soda works its way out, let it remain in the hardwood rug for several hours. You can let the baking soda remain in the area rugs for hardwood floor overnight.

4. Replace the area rug

Upon ensuring that your area rug is completely dry, now you can replace your rug. Do the following to replace the rug:

  • Roll up the rug.
  • Stand at one side of the area you intend to place the rug.
  • Carefully remove the plastic sheeting you had placed under the area rug.
  • Taking the pad outside the house, give it a thorough shake to remove any dust or dirt.
  • Place back the pad.
  • Lift your carpet pile.
  • Place back the area rug for the hardwood floor.
  • For a smooth pile and the removal or anything that might have remained, vacuum the area rug.
  • By now, your area rug is clean.

Final Thoughts

After reading through my post, do you still wonder how to clean an area rug on hardwood floor? I doubt. By now, I’m sure your concerns have been answered. What next? You need to continue to clean your hardwood rugs to prevent common ailments such as cough and chills from invading your home.

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