How To Deep Clean Terrazzo Floors Yourself

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Terrazzo floors are not only decent, good-looking, exotic, and modern, but also the best in covering certain rooms and parts of your house. Although there is much praising on terrazzo floors, the responsibility of ensuring the floor is sparkling clean makes the quest on how to clean terrazzo floors a fundamental subject. How To Deep Clean Terrazzo Floors Yourself

Before we look into how to clean a terrazzo floor, I believe it is important to know something about terrazzo floors.

What Is a Terrazzo Floor?

Terrazzo is a type of flooring or floor surface that is made of granite chips. Some could say it is a floor made from chips of granite. Whichever the way, both are correct. Granite chips can be made of glass or any other objects as long as the objects are able to mix and set in concrete.

Alternatively, you might want to define terrazzo floor in a slightly different way, such as a composite material made from marble chips. The chips are brought together using fine concrete. You can also use resin as a combining agent. This combination makes up a truly luxurious flooring.

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Other people use terrazzo to cover their kitchen countertops. When properly mixed and generously scattered, the marble chips create a shining finish, something most homeowners, female and male alike admire with awe.

To make them fit the surface of your house floor, masons and experts versed in laying terrazzo floors use a commercial sealer. Thanks to the sealer, the granite chips look shiny when you look at them from an angle.

Now that you know what a terrazzo floor is, it is time to learn the basics of terrazzo floor cleaning.  Basically, this article will cover three methods that you’d use to ensure your terrazzo floor maintains a sparkling clean look.

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The three ways do not follow any specific criterion but in every way of cleaning your terrazzo floor, you must follow a specific procedure, lest, you will not achieve the desired results. These three ways include how to make a homemade terrazzo floor cleaner, how to clean and polish terrazzo floors, and finally, ways of maintaining terrazzo floors.

First, let’s start with …

How to Make A Homemade Terrazzo Floor Cleaner

Making a homemade terrazzo cleaner has never been easier. However, you are not left without a choice. Today, more than any other time in history, you can make a homemade terrazzo cleaner easily.

Steps of making terrazzo cleaner at home

  • Look for a spray bottle that is empty. You can decide to purchase a spritzer bottle that does not have anything in it or make good use of an empty bottle you may have in the house. The important thing here is the bottle must be empty.
  • Mix clean water, dish soap, and rubbing alcohol in a basin or bucket.
  • In order to easily pour the contents into the bottle, I’d advise that you use a funnel.
  • Although you might want to use different amounts of the ingredients, the convention homemade terrazzo cleaner has a ¼ teaspoon dish soap, ¼ rubbing alcohol, and 2 ½ cups of water. Pour all these into the empty spritzer bottle with the help of a funnel.
  • Once the contents are settled in the bottle, you need to ensure they blend or mix evenly. To ensure this happens, you need to swirl the already filled bottle. Do this exercise gently, lest the bottle will veer off your hands.
  • When swirling the bottle, ensure you do so for about a half a minute. In the end, you might see form suds inside the solution but do not worry, it is the dish soap.
  • Now that you have the homemade terrazzo cleaner, it is time to know how to use it.

How To Clean And Polish Terrazzo Floors

The question on how to clean dirty terrazzo floors is not new to many women out there. If your floor is made of terrazzo, perhaps you’ve witnessed occasions where the floor shines with awe and at times it stinks because it is filled with stains. What will you do to ensure your terrazzo floor is sparkling clean?

Whether you are using a terrazzo floor cleaning machine or you are using normal moppers and brooms, you can be sure that your terrazzo floor will shine if you have the right homemade terrazzo cleaner.

Without any particular order, you may need the following tools and items before you start to clean your terrazzo floor:

Now that you have all the items in place, it is time to start cleaning of your terrazzo floor or countertop.

  1. Sweep the floor to get rid of any dust, litter, and broken pieces of bottles, stones, or any other food particles that may have dropped on the kitchen floor accidentally.
  2. Collect the litter from the floor using a broom and dustpan into one of the buckets. Reserve the other bucket for rinsing the floor, an exercise you will do a little later.
  • Starting with the most stained parts of the floor; pour a little homemade terrazzo cleaner or bona terrazzo floor cleaner. The aim is to ensure the stained parts will absorb the cleaner and in time, it will make your cleaning work easier. (I will address how to deal with different stains on the terrazzo floor a little later).

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  1. Scrub the stained parts using the scrubbing brush until you ensure the place is clean. You don’t have to use a lot of energy on these parts if you realize they are stubborn. You can give them sometime as the solution makes the part softer for you.
  2. Meanwhile, if the stained parts are now clean, take up your scrubbing brush and scrub the remaining parts of the floor. Because there are no stains, you might not put on a lot of effort in scrubbing the other parts of the terrazzo floor.
  3. For stubborn stains (although I will talk about this later), you can also use the natural stone, terrazzo floor cleaner, or even an electric floor scrubber to ensure the parts heavily invested with dirty come out clean.
  • Upon ensuring the stained parts have been reduced to look like the rest of the floor, now you can mop the floor with a mop or any other piece of cloth you may see fit.
  • Repeat the cleaning exercise using clean water to ensure the floor to clean terrazzo flors
  1. You can apply terrazzo floor polish if you want to make the floor shine until the next time you want to clean it.
  2. Leave the floor to dry by itself or dry t using a towel. You can as well leave the kitchen windows open so that fresh air penetrates the room, leaving your kitchen conducive for its functions.

How to Deal With Various Stubborn Stains on Terrazzo Floors

Like any other floor, terrazzo floors can look bad if filled with stubborn stains. Do not worry if at some point, you cut your finger and blood drops on the terrazzo floor, causing a stubborn stain. Terrazzo floor cleaning can be involving and at the same time, something you will enjoy.

Let’s see how you can deal with various stubborn stains on your terrazzo floor.

  • Blood stain – although it might appear stubborn on your terrazzo floor, blood stain isn’t really hard to get rid of. You need to use clean water and a scrubbing brush to wipe the blood away. If the stain is deep, you can pour a drop or two of ammonia solution on the stain. Give it a few minutes before you scrub. By now, the bloodstain will be easy to remove.
  • Alcohol stain – hot soapy water should be able to remove alcohol stains from your terrazzo floor and countertops completely. However, if the type of alcohol is stubborn, you can dab the stain using denatured alcohol.
  • Ink stain – this is perhaps one of the worst stains you do not want to have on your terrazzo floor. Depending on the type of ink, an ink stain can give you headache when cleaning. Nonetheless, mix a detergent, ammonia, and warm water on the stain. Scrub the part thoroughly until the stain comes out.
  • Oil stain – if your kitchen has spots of oil or paint stain, you can easily remove the stains using warm soapy water. Some paints have added agents that make them stick to the surfaces they are intended for but that shouldn’t worry you. Add a liberal amount of liquid detergent to neutralize the ink/paint stain before you wipe out the ink or paint using warm soapy water.
  • Coffee stain – to successfully remove coffee stain from terrazzo floor or countertop, soak a cloth or towel into a glycerin and water solution. Pour a few drops of the homemade terrazzo cleaner solution and let the solution sit on the coffee stain for a few minutes. Rub or wipe off the part using a towel. The stain will varnish.
  • Urine stains – if you have pets in your house, chances are they may stray and put their urine on the terrazzo floor. Hot water that is mixed with abrasive powder is the main ingredients you need to remove pet urine stains from your terrazzo floor. If the stain appears to be stubborn, soak a piece of cloth in hydrogen peroxide and cover the stained part for some time.


Never should you use oils, vinegar, wax, or bleaches while cleaning terrazzo floors and countertops. These items may cause permanent discoloration of your terrazzo floor or countertop.

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Maintaining Terrazzo Floors

Whether you have used hydrogen peroxide on terrazzo floors or any other homemade terrazzo cleaner in the past, it doesn’t meant you won’t use it again. Overtime, stubborn stains may invade your terrazzo floor or countertop, prompting you to use tough measures.

However, maintaining your terrazzo floors is a continuous exercise you need practice. Here is a simple routine you need to follow when maintaining your terrazzo floors:

  • Use Floors Mats Use Floors Mats on terrazzo floors

One of the things that make terrazzo floors look bad is dust. You can curb dust and any other dirty from your terrazzo floor by placing floor mats at the entrance of your house or kitchen if that is where your terrazzo floor is.

Alternatively, remove your shoes every time you enter a room that has a terrazzo floor.

  • Mop/Dust The Floor

Mopping or dusting the terrazzo floor on a regular basis helps your terrazzo floor to remain shiny no matter the season or traffic. Sand is one of the greatest enemies of terrazzo floors. to get rid of sand pebbles from your floor, you need to schedule regular dusting or mopping.

Dusting or mopping your terrazzo floor at least twice a week is a good way of ensuring the floor is free from sand and other debris that might bring scratches on the floor.

If you feel that mopping or dusting is too much, you can sweep the floor using a soft broom.

  • Wipe Spills Immediately

There is no shortcut! In case of a spillage, wipe it ASAP. Remember that if you leave any spillage on a terrazzo floor, it will turn to be a stubborn stain. It is very important that you immediately remove any spillage if it is from coffee, carbonated soda, or citrus juice.


What have you learnt? So far, you do not have to attend additional classes or lessons to learn how to clean terrazzo floors. This 5-minute read article has given you all you need from bona terrazzo floor cleaner, terrazzo floor cleaning machine, to how to clean dirty terrazzo floors, some of which may have stubborn stains. As you finish reading, may you have a sparkling clean terrazzo floor that woes your visitors.

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