How To Get Rid Of Burrowing Animals

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Burrowing animals can be a blessing and a curse in equal measure. When they visit your home occasionally, they may be a good thing to your pets and kids. In fact, some burrowing animals can be amusing to kids than you ever think. Away from any amusement burrowing animals may create, they can be a complete nuisance. If you are struggling to learn how to get rid of burrowing animals from your yard, do not move an inch. Keep reading.

how to get rid of burrowing animals

Before we learn how to get rid of ground moles with dawn soap or any other method for that matter, it is important to know some of the effects of certain burrowing animals such as ground moles. After knowing the amount loses these small animals bring to our homes, you will then learn the best way to get rid of burrowing animals.

They Damage Your Yard

Think of how you get fascinated with a beautifully done compound. It takes several months even years to come up with a yard that visitors admire. Yet, oblivious burrowing animals can decide to make it completely ugly in just a few days.

In fact, when most homeowners see these tiny creatures, they know that landscaping enemies are now residing with the family. The best way is to start preparing tools of eradicating these burrowing animals from the compound.

By the way, without your knowledge, burrowing animals can decide to change the design of your yard. I’m sure this is not what you want.

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Identifying Burrowing Animals

Before you learn the effective ways eradicating burrowing animals, it is vital to identify them. Some of the known burrowing animals include moles, voles, gophers, squirrels, rats, and groundhogs.

These burrowing animals can cause substantive damage to your yard and harm to family. Burrowing animals may cause harm to your precious pets. Here are three main damages burrowing animals can bring to your yard and family:

They Are Dangerous To Your Pets

Burrowing animals can harm your pets. Yes, they can infect your pets and it will be costly to treat your pets. Moles, rats, and mice for instance attack back when they are attacked. The effect is fatal.

They Are Hazardous To Your Family

If you are thinking in the line of rats or moles biting your loved ones that is not what I mean. However, think of what we talked in the first point about damaging the yard. How do burrowing animals damage your yard? It is by creating holes. how to get rid of ground moles with dawn soap

It is through these holes dug anyhow that may cause problems. Your kids might step on loose ground when they are playing. Besides, you are neither exempted nor too big to fall into a small or deep hole dug by a rodent.

Now that you’ve known the bad things burrowing animals can bring to your family and your yard, it is high time to learn the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard.

Ways of Eliminating Burrowing Animals From Your Yard

The following are proven ways many homeowners have used to effectively eradicate burrowing animals from their yards. You too can use these means and enjoy the pleasure of having a yard free from burrowing animals.

1. Use a Mixture of Dawn Soup Solution and Castor Oil

The combination of dawn soup solution and castor oil is the number one remedy of eliminating burrowing animals from your yard. The concoction works best if you adhere to the right measures.

how to get rid of burrowing animals with dawn dish soap

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To get good results, mix ½ cup of castor oil, 1 oz dawn soup solution, and about 5 cups of clean water. Ensure these ingredients blend well before you spray your yard. If you approach a hole, make sure you spray double the amount. The burrowing animals will run away in no time.

2. Plant More Daffodils, Garlic, and Calendula in Your Garden

These plants not only unleash sweet aroma at certain times of the day or night but also act as natural rodent-repellents. For many years, people who own yard but do not want to use artificial or modern means of eradicating burrowing animals from a yard often employ this method.

You don’t have to scatter these plants in your yard without any organization. Rather, you need to arrange the plants in a way that act as a fine orchard, which doubles up as an ingenious burrowing animal repellent.

3. By Blocking Securely the Entrance of Vacant Burrows

This is debatable but do not underestimate the power of blocking securely all possible entrances to vacant burrows. Burrowing animals are clever but they shouldn’t surpass you. Often times, burrowing animals access your yard because they find it easy. If you make it hard for the invaders to access your yard, trust you me no single burrowing animal will make it to your compound.

4. Scare Them

Yes, you can scare burrowing animals. Take some of the cat litter and sprinkle around the garden. These burrowing animals hate urine and poop. If you don’t have a cat, get some ammonia and soak a couple of rags in it.

This method will have the same effect as cat litter.  The pests will think that the ammonia is urine, and run away from it.  Put the ammonia rags on top of rocks or stones.

5. Vibration

Another ingenious way of how to get rid of critters in my yard is by making vibrations. No sane animal would want to continue living in a place that shakes abruptly. With this in mind, you can find a ground vibrator, a lawnmower, or even lawn windmill to shake the ground at least once a week. If you do so regularly, chances of eliminating burrowing animals from your yard are high.

6. Make Use of Liquid Repellents

Liquid repellents do well in eliminating not only burrowing animals but also all unwanted animals and pests in the compound. The interesting thing about liquid repellents is that they tend to percolate the ground thus becoming an effective way of eliminating burrowing animals.

Even if rain pours for several days, liquid repellents continue to be absorbed into the soil thus creating an unconducive environment for the burrowing animals.

7. Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an effective ground moles removal method. To make it work, you need to mix cayenne pepper with a liberal amount of water and pour it into loose ground or holes dug by moles.

The solution works by creating a chocking atmosphere inside the hole thus making it uncomfortable for the moles, ground hoppers and other animals to live in holes.

Additionally, you can sprinkle this solution in your compound. Because of the pepper’s strong scent, the invading animals will never show up again in your yard.

8. Epsom salts

Among the many uses of Epsom salts is in eradicating burrowing animals from the yard. To make this work, you need to sprinkle liberal amounts of this solution around your crops in the to get rid of burrowing animals

Although the salt is strong to the animals, they can be washed away by downpour.

8. Mothballs

If you want to use this as a means of eliminating burrowing animals, you need to place the mothballs on the way of the animals. The best way to do so is by placing the mothballs inside the holes or burrows.

Final thoughts

You have worked hard to make your yard look modern. You have probably spent hundreds of dollars to make it look what it is today. Besides, you are going to use even more to maintain it. I am sure you will appreciate and make use of these practical ways on how to get rid of burrowing animals from your yard without any hesitation. The next time you see a burrowing animal in your yard, don’t allow it a second to breathe, chase it or spray a concoction on it, vibrate the ground or better still, erect an electric fence.

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