How To Use Vinegar To Clean And Disinfect Your Home

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Vinegar is one of the most versatile products for home use. Because of its widespread usage, it is reasonable to believe that everybody especially adults have heard about vinegar. Although the product has been used widely, it is still of utmost importance to understand how to use vinegar to clean and disinfect your home.

In this article, I will try as much as I can to explain in detail different ways you can use vinegar cleaning solution to ensure every part of your house remains sparkling clean. However, before I tackle that topic, you need to know what I am talking about.

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What is Vinegar?how to use vinegar to clean and disinfect your home

Vinegar is an acid. However, the acidity level in vinegar is mild. Because of this condition, many people use vinegar to do many things at home, thus the substance is known to be a ‘multi-purpose cleaning agent.’

As you will learn in this article, there are probably several ways which you will use vinegar. You can decide to use it alone or mix it with other home-cleaning products such as baking soda to clean and disinfect several parts of your house.

  1. For better results, you can use vinegar undiluted. In addition, you can mix it with baking soda, or even use vinegar as an ingredient when making your homemade cleaner.

Now, here are 20+ amazing ways you can use vinegar to clean and disinfect your home.

1. Rinse Vegetables and FruitsRinse vegetables and fruits with vinegar

It is not shocking to learn about how you can clean your vegetables and fruits before you prepare or even eat them. Fresh vegetable and fruits are healthy and are every doctor’s recommendations. However, did you also know that before those vegetable and fruits get to your kitchen counter they have passed through several hands?

Besides, most fresh food is cultivated in green houses, using modern farming technology, which requires the use of fertilizers, sprays, and chemicals that kill bacteria, fungi, mold, and insects that invade the food inside the greenhouse.

The chemicals that help kill bacteria from vegetables and fruits can be harmful for human consumption thus the need to clean your fruits and vegetables using while vinegar. Use a solution of three parts water and one part vinegar to wash your produce.

2. Clean Smelly Water Bottles

Water bottles especially those that keep warm or hot water can become smelly. At some point before you finally use the bottle again, it is advisable to drain the water, pour a little vinegar into the bottles, shake for a few minutes before you rinse them thoroughly using clean water.

Ensure the water bottles are completely dry before you use them.

3. Clean a Keurig

Here is how you can use vinegar to clean your Keurig:

  1. Pour vinegar into the machine and run the brew cycle (with no k-cup) until the vinegar comes out clean.
  2. Run a few cycles of just water through the brewer to remove the vinegar.
  3. Clean the inside.  Using a sponge or cloth (with a little bit of soap) and little cleaning brushes to get in between the little crevices, carefully clean the inside of the Keurig.
  4. Clean the outside with a sponge or cloth.
  5. Run brew cycles with cold water until there is no vinegar taste (4 or 5 times).

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4. Clean a flat Top Grill After UseClean a flat Top Grill with vinegar

How to clean a flat top grill with vinegar:

  • Heat the grill surface to about 150 degrees then let it cool off.
  • Pour half a bottle of vinegar on the top surface.
  • Spread the solution evenly across the surface.
  • Take a dry material (cotton) and rub the surface in swirling motion.
  • Use a scraper to remove the dirt and empty it.
  • Rinse off with a dry towel.

PS. DO NOT use abrasive brush when cleaning a flat top grill. It will remove the color and you will soon throw the top of your grill away.

5. Remove the Brassy Finish From Door Hinges

However much you may try, some door hinges may remain with brassy parts that do not look good. If this is what you are struggling with, you can use vinegar cleaning solution dipped inside a towel or piece of cloth and wipe away the brassy parts of the door hinges.

If the brassy parts seem stubborn, you can decide to use a brush to clean the hinges and within no time, the hinges will shinny all the way.

6. Soak Rusty Tools In A Pail Of White Vinegar And Brush To Clean

Among the many uses of vinegar you may read online, you cannot miss to see how the homemade cleaning product for removing rusty parts of different tools in your home. To do this effectively, you need to place the tools in a pail that is filled with either distilled white vinegar or Heinz cleaning vinegar then brush off the rusty parts.

If the rusty parts don’t go away, then you can add a little amount of vinegar or spray the parts with paint.

7. Clean Your Jewelryhow to use vinegar to clean and disinfect your home

I must admit that rings, chains, and any other metallic ornaments are the dirtiest stuff in my house. Thankfully, after doing some research, I can now clean them whenever I want without the fear of losing their color or texture.

If and when well-maintained, a piece of jewelry can stay for many years. Soaking your jewelry inside a container filled with vinegar is one of the ingenious ways of taking care of your precious ornaments, some of which may cost thousands of dollars.

8. Eliminate Odors In the Trash Can

One of the most common questions on how to use vinegar to clean and disinfect your home pertains to how vinegar can effectively eliminate odor from the trash can. Remember, to many people, there is nothing wrong with a trash can smell bad.

After all, they reason, doesn’t the can hold dirty? While that is true, your trash can does not have to be smelly. To eliminate the odor from a trash can, first you have to empty the can, clean it with running water, before you sprinkle it with a little white vinegar.

For excellent results, you can use undiluted vinegar. Leave the can to dry before you start to use it again.

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9. Brighten Dingy Coffee Cups and Teacups

Just as you’d clean and disinfect dingy spots at the base of your Keurig, you will also do the same to your coffee cups as well as tea cups. To be able to do this, put hot water in a bucket then add a liberal amount of white vinegar for cleaning.

Allow the mixture to settle in coffee cups and tea cups before you rinse the cups using clean water.

10. Clean Your Dirty Cutting Boards

Did you know that your family could get sick by consuming food that harbors bacteria? This is possible if you use dirty cutting or chopping board that can be a fertile place for their reproduction.

After using a chopping board, you can wipe it using a damp cloth dipped in vinegar. If you want to use the board, make sure it is dry.

11. Clean Your FloorWhite vinegar uses

Floors are the most notorious in catching dirty and bad smell after bathrooms and toilets but your floors don’t have to be smelly and contagious anymore. To be able to disinfect your floors, you need to mop the floor thoroughly.

After cleaning your floor with normal water as you usually do, you can spray the corners and other areas within the floor that experience high traffic with vinegar cleaning solution. Let the solution rest on the floor for about 30 minutes before you wipe with a clean duster.

Your floor will remain sparkling clean for many hours before you repeat the same exercise later in the week.

12. Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Odors

Odors can be a nuisance in a home but this should not worry you. Of all the uses of vinegar, getting rid of common house odors tops the list. If you sense a bad smell at a place in your house, you can spray a little amount of distilled white vinegar to the location and within a few minutes, the bad smell will varnish. Alternatively, set out a bowl of vinegar for a few hours and the smell will be gone. You can also use a drop or two of lemon juice in the bowl if you want.

13. Clean Shower Doors

Shower doors can catch and retain dirt for a long time. Often times, the dirt and stain on shower doors go unnoticed. To ensure your shower doors are free from dirt and stains, you can use a towel, damped with white vinegar to wipe the door clean.

Repeat the exercise once in two weeks.

14. Use Vinegar to Clean Your Bathroom. Use Vinegar to Clean Your Bathroom

After your shower doors, the other sensitive part to watch is your bathroom. Known to be a room for maintaining bodily cleanliness, a bathroom can be a place of contamination – a room where everyone in the house cleans themselves off their dirty.

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You can use vinegar to clean and disinfect the room by scrubbing the floor and the walls using distilled white vinegar. For better and sparkling results especially on the walls, you can add baking soda to the distilled vinegar.

15. Clean a Washing Machine

Washing machines can act as good reservoirs for dirt, dust, and any other unwanted material that might be cleaned off the clothes. If the dirt is left to settle at the base and the sides of the washing machine for a long time, chances are the affected part of the washing machine will begin to rust.

Thankfully, you can pour a solution of baking soda and white vinegar into the washing machine and let it run for a few minutes before you drain the water. The machine will be clean for use.

16. Clean a Dirty Microwave

Wipe the inside of the microwave with a warmed up mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice until no stain remains in the microwave.

17. Clean a Clogged Drain

Clogged drain is one of the worst things that will happen to you. Thankfully, with Heinz cleaning vinegar mixed with baking soda, you can pour into your house’s drainage system. The vinegar will weaken whatever dirt that might have clogged in the drain and come out loose.

18. Eliminate Carpet Stains

White vinegar is renowned for its strength in removing stains, spots, and to disinfect surfaces on which it falls. To clean your stained carpets, you need to mix vinegar with clean water, then using a brush, scrub the affected area until the stain comes out.

  • Do not mix distilled vinegar with anything when cleaning stained white carpet.

19. Use Vinegar to Clean Up Pet Urine From Carpets

If you are a lover of pets, you know how amazing it is when you sit down on a thick carpet as you watch your favorite movie while chewing some popcorn. However, as times coils up, your pet might want to release itself and even poo on the carpet.

In the event that happens, sprinkle a little white vinegar on the area and brush off using a hard brush until the part is clean.

20. Get Rid of Weeds and Unwanted Grass

Do you remember what we said vinegar is? Although mild, vinegar is still an acid. As such, you can mix white vinegar with water, fill it in several buckets or a suitable back pump and spray the solution directly on the weeds and unwanted grass.

Final Thoughts

By now, you know how to use vinegar to clean and disinfect your home. The above list is not all there is to know. I will continue to explore the different uses of white vinegar in my other future posts. Until then, may you find vinegar to be the most versatile substance for cleaning and disinfecting your home?

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