21+ Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks You’ll Wish You Had Known Sooner

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Hydrogen peroxide is one of the common chemical solutions. You’ll find it in one out of three households. The good thing is many people have used the chemical solution in doing several things in their homes for a long time. However, in this article, you are going to learn some of the amazing hydrogen peroxide hacks you wish you knew sooner.hydrogen peroxide hacks

Common Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

One of the common uses of hydrogen peroxide is to kill germs. You don’t have to have a university degree to know that the chemical solution is a true germ-killer.

In fact, for many people, they do not visit a doctor whenever they incur small or shallow cuts in the kitchen or garden. Instead, they use the chemical solution to clean their wounds and within a few days, the wounds are healed completely.

Surprisingly, as you are going to find out, hydrogen peroxide has many other uses. They include household cleaning as well as incredible whitening properties. Nevertheless, before you learn about the various hydrogen peroxide hacks you wish you knew early, here are a few safety guidelines you need to put in mind:

  • Keep the chemical solution out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure the bottle cap is on and tightened throughout.
  • When using, ensure the chemical does not get in contact with your eyes. In case the chemical touches any part of your body such as eyes, nose, mouth, wash the part with plenty of water immediately.
  • Do not use a lot of the chemical in a single application. A little hydrogen peroxide goes a long way.

Now that you know a few important rules you need to keep in mind, let’s turn our attention to the 21+ hydrogen peroxide hacks we’ve been waiting for.

1. Use it To Lighten Your Hair

If you are tired of using a lot of money visiting the salon to make your hair look great, then you are forgetting something. The hack is especially important if you want to turn your black hair into something better such as blonde.

If that interests you, then you need to soak your hair (especially the roots) inside a little hydrogen peroxide solution for about 30 minutes. After that, you need to wash your hair using clean water.

The interesting thing is that you can use the same chemical solution to make your dark hair a little darker. To do this, dilute a little hydrogen peroxide in water and upon making a solution, spray it over your hair. If you do this on a regular basis, you will make your hair a little lighter.

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2. Treat Insect BitesTreat Insect Bites with hydrogen peroxide

Treatment of insect bites is one of the household hydrogen peroxide hacks you wish you knew several years ago. Remember that insect bites, such as ant bites, are inevitable. As such, a little hydrogen peroxide goes a long way.

To be able to do it, soak a little hydrogen peroxide inside a piece of cloth, preferably cotton and rub the chemical solution gently over the bite area. Within a few minutes, the swollen part, if any would subside.

3. Whiten Your Fingernails

Another one of the common peroxide hacks is to whiten dark fingernails. Those who’ve done it say it is a quick remedy to dark nails. You will need to mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, so that you create a paste.

Then you will need to apply the mixture onto your fingernails. Let the paste stay on the nails for a few minutes before you wash the nails using clean water.

Alternatively, soak cotton balls that have been immersed into hydrogen peroxide before you dab your fingernails. Finish the process by cleaning your nails with clean water.

4. Detox Your Body

A detox bath is among the hydrogen peroxide cleaning life hacks you don’t want to miss. Although you are not needed to take a shower every time with hydrogen peroxide solution, doing so once in a while cannot cause any harm.

To be able to do this, soak your body inside a bath basin that has water mixed with hydrogen peroxide for 20 – 30 minutes. Make sure the solution does not touch the eyes or the nose. In the end, the solutions will open you skin’s pores.

5. Remove Calluses Easily

Hydrogen peroxide can help you soften your feet that have otherwise been spoiled by the scorching summer heat. Simply soak your feet in a hydrogen peroxide solution once every week and you will see changes.

6. Remove Wax From Your Ears

Although it is not common, some people have had a bad experience with their ears when wax builds up. Hydrogen peroxide can help get rid of the wax. To do it, simply pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide solution into your ear and the wax will come out.

  1. Some people react with hydrogen peroxide when it touches the ear. Exercise caution when doing this.

7. Use It To Whiten Your Teethhow to whiten your teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Do you have a teeth problem? Some teeth, however much you try to clean them, they will still look like they have never had a toothbrush on them. Worry no more! A little hydrogen peroxide will help you make a tooth whitening paste that you will use to whiten your teeth with.

The best practice would be to mix a little hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. Using a toothbrush, apply the paste two times in a week and you will start to see the results.

8. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Your ToothBrushes

However clean you may be, a toothbrush will catch some dirt in the end. But it doesn’t have to be like that. With hydrogen peroxide in the house, you can make your own toothbrush-cleaning agent.

Deep the toothbrush inside hydrogen peroxide solution a few minutes before you use it.

9. Eliminate Bad Breath

Elimination of disturbing bad breath is among the household uses for hydrogen peroxide you need to know. Bad breath can make people run away from you even if you are a good speaker.

To help remove that bad breath, do a quick swish, which will definitely kill the bacteria that bring bad breath.

10. Remove Underarm Stains

Everyone of us sweats. If left unattended, the sweat will smell bad. Thankfully, a little hydrogen peroxide can eliminate the sweat from under your arms fast. The best way to do this is to mix hydrogen peroxide with water and baking soda all in equal ratio. Scrub your underarms using a stiff brush. Allow yourself some thirty minutes before you clean your underarms using clean water. The sweat would have disappeared.

11. Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Solution For Mouth Sores

Some people think that hydrogen peroxide is bad for mouth. That is not it! The only bad thing is if you swallow it. If you have a cold mouth sore, put a little hydrogen peroxide in your mouth, gurgle it before you spit it. You will get rid of the bad mouth sore.

The following section touches on how you can do cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda by making hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution.

12. Creates a Perfect Home Spray

Finding a home spray that caters for many uses is not easy. Thankfully, hydrogen peroxide can make a very good spray that you’ll use on top of kitchen cabinets, shelves and wardrobes.

13. Clean Your Dishwasher

A study carried out in 2016 found out that dishwashers harbor up to 83% fungi and about 47% of black yeast or E. dermatitidis. All these are harmful to humans. The latter usually rest at the rubber seals.

The intricate sections of your dishwasher can be a perfect home for mildew and mold. However, you don’t have to wait. You can clean it by spraying these parts using hydrogen peroxide solution.

14. Deep Clean Toilets

Hydrogen peroxide is a very good remedy of eliminating yeasts, fungi, spores, viruses, and other harmful bacteria. You can get rid of these by cleaning your bathroom and toilet using hydrogen peroxide.

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15. Use It To Make Tile Grout White

Have your tile grouts started to change their color? Relax! Mix a little hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. Use the solution to scrub the area between tiles and within five minutes, mob the floor as you usually do. The grout will shine.

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16. Clean Your Baking Sheets

Hydrogen peroxide can do many things. The other hack you didn’t know is that the chemical can help you bring your old baking sheets to a working state again. You can also use the solution to clean your cooking pans. Yes, you don’t have to buy new baking pans. Instead, make them look new courtesy of household uses for hydrogen peroxide.

17. Eliminate Mites From Mattresses and Sheets

Mites can be a menace. Thankfully, they can be a forgone story. Hydrogen cleaning life hacks dictate that you can get rid of dust mites simply and fast from your house. A light spray made from hydrogen peroxide on your mattresses and beddings once a fortnight will kill all the dust mites that might have invaded your bedroom.

18. Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables

Ensuring your family eats clean food is an important thing. It is especially important t if you have children in the family or someone is pregnant. Fruits and vegetable often carry germs, fungi or even mold that may find their way to the table before you swallow them.

Now, one of the best things about cleaning with hydrogen peroxide is that the substance has impeccable strength that kills all germs from any produce you may bring home. Add a little hydrogen peroxide to water before you use it to clean your produce then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

19. Hydrogen Peroxide’s natural Bleach

If you have children, pets, or any other animal in the house, you know that you need to maintain high-level cleanliness. It is also imperative to mention that bleach, whether homemade or acquired from elsewhere can be very harsh.

However, the uses surpass its harshness. Make your own homemade bleach that you can use to clean various high-level dirt by mixing a liberal amount of hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, baking soda, citrus acid, and vinegar.

20. Disinfect Used Grocery Bags

You do not need to throw away reusable grocery bags. In fact, with a hydrogen peroxide solution, you can make the bags clean for use again by tossing them into a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.

21. Disinfect Your Kids’ Toys

Without a doubt, you kids’ toys are among the things in the house that catch dirt fast. However much you’ll try to clean them, they will still be dirty with some contracting germs. The good news is you can use a little hydrogen peroxide to disinfect them.

Simply soak a sponge or piece of cloth into a hydrogen peroxide solution, wipe the toys, rinse them and allow them to dry in the sun.

Do you have a small garden at home where you grow your veges and fruits? Does your garden need some boosting to make it more productive? Look at this next section on the hydrogen peroxide hacks you can put in place for higher production:

22. Faster Seed Germination

Are you wondering how a home cleaning solution is connected to your garden? Wait! Hydrogen peroxide is fantastic in aerating the soil in your garden. If you spray a little hydrogen peroxide on your garden, you create holes on the soil, which in turn help the soil absorb air and water. The two are important for faster germination of seeds and seedlings.

23. Guard Your Garden Against Harmful Bacteria

Fungi, mold, bacteria, and other insects can invade your garden, bringing down health crops within a few days. But that does not have to happen. You will start from disinfecting your garden tools using hydrogen peroxide.

Additionally, you can spray your flowerpots with hydrogen peroxide.

24. Kill Weeds Using Hydrogen Peroxide

We have already mentioned how you can kill harmful bacteria, fungi, insects, and mold by disinfecting garden tools. Another way you can ensure you have a healthy garden is by spraying your plants (around the roots) with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.

The solution will prevent pests and other harmful insects from your plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the percentage of hydrogen peroxide used for cleaning?

A: Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound usually presented as H2O2. The chemical is made up two oxygen atoms and two hydrogen atoms. The color of this chemical is usually pale blue. The ideal hydrogen peroxide concentration for cleaning and disinfecting is 3%.

Final Thoughts

With those 21+ proven hacks, do you still ask how to clean with hydrogen peroxide? Well, it is my hope that you are now smarter than you were and that you no longer regret knowing these hydrogen peroxide hacks. The good thing about H2O2 is that you can get it over the counter sold at a concentration of between 3% and 10%. The only thing you need to guard when using the chemical is not to allow it touch your eyes and never to swallow it.

Otherwise, from me, I wish you a happy cleaning.

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