What Are The Active Ingredients In Fabuloso?

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Fabuloso brand produces one of the most powerful multi-purpose cleaning solutions that we have around. If you are looking for a sparkling clean floor, walls, ceilings, doors, exteriors, and any other hard surface in your home or office, Fabuloso will do that for you.Ingredient In Fabuloso

With Fabuloso brand, you have a wide range of cleaners to select from, including;

  • Shower cleaners
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Toilet bowl cleaners
  • Clorox sprays
  • Degreasers
  • Disinfectants

Your choice of Fabuloso cleaners is a prudent idea. All the above wide range of cleaners come in different irresistible scents such as lavender, Floral Bouquet, spring fresh, sky, rhubarb and fresh linen. It does not require you to rinse off with its ready to use constituents and doesn’t leave any visible residues.

Before you purchase the product, there are a few things that you may be curious to know about Fabuloso. These include the active ingredients and what the cleaners will offer you.

What Are The Ingredients In Fabuloso?

You may have read the packaging leaflet on the Fabuloso vessel, but you are unsure about the active ingredients. Perhaps you want to know more about Fabuloso and its safety. You don’t have to worry. We will guide you through what constitutes this magical solution before we get into other details;

1. Foaming And Cleaning Agents

Every effective cleaner must have the capability to degrease dirt off the surfaces. Foaming and cleaning agents are the ingredients that give Fabuloso the power to strip off the dirt from your floors, wall, ceilings, toilet bowls, and any surface that you want to clean.

Its active ingredients also make the solution foamy, which allows you to scrub your surfaces smoothly. Fabuloso contains a couple of these agents;

  • Sodium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate.
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate.
  • C9-11 pareth-8.
  • Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate.

2. Shell-Life And Acidity Balance Agents

For Fabuloso to last longer and maintain its power to clean effectively, it is laced with several ingredients including;

  • Citric acid
  • Glutaral
  • Sodium bicarbonate (for reducing the acidity of other ingredients)

3. Color Agents

Colorants make cleaners appealing. Fabuloso comes in various cool shades like blue, yellow, light green, and purple, which make the cleaner colorful.

4. Fragrance

Fabuloso has various scents like lavender, floral bouquet, fresh linen, and others that allow you to choose according to your preference. These scents leave a permanent fragrance on your surface until your next clean up exercise.

Fabuloso constituents are mild and do not cause damages to your surfaces. Also, the solution is gentle on your skin. If at any time the cleaner gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with cold water and contact your GP if there are some irritations.

5. Water

Being a liquid, Fabuloso is 99% water. Besides constituting the ingredients, water makes the solution easy to flow from the bottle and easy to use.

Does Fabuloso Have Ammonia In It?

Nowadays, good housekeeping requires that we do not use products that have ammonia. The reason is health concerns with the use of ammonia. Perhaps that is why you are concerned. Fabuloso does not contain ammonia.

The manufacturer opted to leave ammonia out of Fabuloso cleaner because the substance produces toxic fumes. The fumes cause chest pains and shortness of breath to many users.

A quick way to rule if Fabuloso has ammonia is by its smell. Ammonia is a quite stinky smell. If you would like ammonia for cleaning your mirrors and glasses, you can purchase a product with a specific ingredient. Be careful not to mix ammonia with any bleach or cleaners like Fabuloso to avoid chemical reactions.

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Is Fabuloso Antibacterial?

With Fabuloso, you have got a variety of cleaning components. One of those is the antibacterial agents. To wipe away all the germs and sanitize your doorknobs, floors, kitchen sinks, toilets, and countertops, you can choose Fabuloso with an antibacterial multi-purpose cleaner.

To sanitize your variable surfaces with Fabuloso:

  • Make sure that they are non-porous and non-food items.
  • Push down the cap, twist, and pour half a cap of Fabuloso antibacterial cleaner into four liters of sterile water.
  • Apply it on your surfaces with a sponge to disinfect your surfaces.
  • Leave the surface to dry. As we said, Fabuloso does not leave any residues, so you will be good to go.

Is Fabuloso A Good Cleaner?

You are looking for a multi-functional surface cleaner that will help clean all the surfaces without getting cleaners for different surfaces. Fabuloso is an excellent cleaner and worth your cash. You can scrub your floors, concrete walls, tiles, glass surfaces, and even your pavements with the solution.

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When you buy Fabuloso, you will discover that it lasts longer than other regular cleaners due to its high ingredients’ concentration and large volume. You can dilute Fabuloso with water because it is concentrated or use a spray bottle for ease of application on perpendicular surfaces.

If you do not have a spray bottle, the bottle is easy to use. Drip a few drops on a bucket of water and use a sponge or scrubber to clean up your surfaces. After you are done, you will not require to rinse your surface. Fabuloso will leave you with clean and shiny surfaces and no residues at all.

The cleaner is excellent as its sweet fragrance will stay in your house for up to 24 hours. You can choose between a dozen scents available from your store. Some of the common scents include lavender and spring fresh. It all depends on what makes your nose happy.

Another advantage with Fabuloso is that you do not have to struggle with the complicated mixing process of different ingredients. The cleaning assistance is a ready-made solution that requires simple dilution with water and cleaning outright.

In a nutshell, here are the other reasons why Fabuloso is a good cleaner;

  • Easy to use vessel
  • Does not corrode
  • Variety of fragrance
  • Large-volume
  • Fabuloso does not leave a film on the surfaces.
  • It does not have ammonia


With Fabuloso in your home or office, you are sure of high hygiene levels. The deep cleaning and disinfecting capabilities combined with the lasting scents will leave your house sparkling clean.

Fabuloso active ingredients are safe to use on all surfaces and on your hands too. Besides, these agents are all 100% biodegradable. With a single spray of Fabuloso, you will clean a large area meaning more value for your money.

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